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zsh 3.0.1 bug with named directories?

I have been using the facility of zsh-3.0.0 to name directories by using a  
variable assignment:


when I first introduced a number of these names in my .zshrc, they would not  
be considerd for completion with ~name before changing to this directory for  
the first time.  For this reason I set up the following function:

	namedir () { eval '$1=$2 ; if [[ ! -d ~$1 ]]; then unset $1 ; fi' }

and afterwards I could do:

	namedir projects /usr/local/projects
	namedir toolkits /usr/local/toolkits

and these names would then be considered for completion (forced by the d-)  
using ~projects or ~toolkits.

Now if I do the same in zsh 3.0.1, I get the following message:

	ray% namedir projects /usr/local/projects
	zsh: no such file or directory: projects=/usr/local/projects
	zsh: no such user or named directory: projects

Due to this and another problem (which I will post seperately) I have not  
installed zsh 3.0.1 yet.

This is on a i386-next-nextstep3 machine, zsh compiled with gcc


  Robert F. Tobler                 -  tel:+43(1)58801-4585,fax:5874932
  Institute of Computer Graphics   -  mailto:rft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Vienna University of Technology  -  http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/~rft/

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