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Re: OPEN_MAX from sysconf

On Nov 13,  4:10pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: OPEN_MAX from sysconf
} Anyway, here's the patch. The configure.in part (and the others)
} should be OK, the configure patch is liable to fail after any other
} configure fiddling because of the #line directives, and I suspect the
} dl hacking will have that effect.  Sorry.

Two things:

The configure patch fails not because of the line number directive, but
because it's a patch against the 3.1.0-test1 version of configure.  Can
we stick to patching 3.0.1 for stuff not related to dynamic modules?

Fortunately, the two hunks that fail are irrelevant, so you can ignore
the rejects.  However, when I run configure, I get:

checking for _SC_OPEN_MAX from sysconf()... configure:2936: warning: no previous prototype for `t'

Which is strange because the code isn't notably different from all the
other AC_TRY_COMPILE tests, which don't complain.

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