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Re: signal weirdness

On Nov 13,  6:03pm, Zefram wrote:
} Subject: Re: signal weirdness
} I don't see the problem with just ignoring the situation, in the case
} of key-generated interrupts.  If the user wants to kill a program *and*
} have the shell process a SIGINT handler, he can press ^C twice.  HUP is
} the only one that we really need to handle specially.

Csh, at least, invokes its onintr handlers when any process spawned from
a csh script gets a keyboard interrupt.  /bin/sh (pre-POSIX, at least)
invokes its INT traps on a single interrupt, AFAIK.

Sometimes the shell is in a loop spawning jobs too fast for pressing ctrl-C
twice to have the desired effect.  What good is an INT handler if zsh never
gets the signal?

} What does POSIX say about all of this?

I'd be interested, too.

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