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Re: more problems w/ irix

>I have a horrible feeling all that OPEN_MAX stuff was actually
>irrelevant... struct multio can only hold MAXREDIRECT redirections,
>normally 16; trying <* where there are more than 16 expanded files
>simply isn't supposed to work.  I've added the test and now it won't
>work.  I've documented this.

I've been meaning to do something about that for a while now.

>If <muffled but entirely audible whimper> anyone wants to remove the
>limit, it would be possible to make the fds member a pointer, and
>enlarge it as necessary.

I think the neatest way to handle it may be the struct hack, as the
multios are already malloced.

>                          I have little enthusiasm.  It's a rather
>inefficient way of processing a lot of files anyway.

It's a nice syntax.  If it's grossly inefficient, we should improve the
code; being built in to the shell it *ought* to be more efficient than
execing cat, at least for small files.


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