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Makefile fix and FAQ

Below is a one line patch to Src/Makefile.in fixing .SUFFIXES.

Since the next FAQ is coming soon I think that we have to change this line
in the FAQ:

In fact, zsh is currently the most powerful freely available shell.

This is undoubtedly a questionable statement.  Several other shells (es and
AT&T ksh'93) are very powerful with some features not present in zsh
(ksh'93 is not really free but it's almost free).  Every shell has its
strength.  I feel that it would be more correct to say that zsh is one of
the most powerful (freely available) shell.

I'm mentioning this since there was a short discussion about that in
comp.unix.shell after that last FAQ was posted and even if this
statement were true it may irritate a few people.


--- Src/Makefile.in	1996/11/17 04:15:17
+++ Src/Makefile.in	1996/11/17 21:15:20
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
-.SUFFIXES: .c .o $(@D@LEXT) .pro
 	$(COMPILE) $(DLCFLAGS) -I$(MODULE_DIR) -o $@.o $<

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