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Re: autoloading modules

>Would not -q (quiet) be a better name for this option?  And the same can be
>achieved by redirection stderr.

Not quite.  -i only suppresses one type of error, that of loading an
already loaded module.  If loading is attempted and fails, it still
complains, and the zmodautoload-generated function won't unfunction
itself.  A -q option should logically suppress all error reports, but
that could indeed by done by redirecting stderr.

>I think that modules should be identified by their name with the extension
>and pathname stripped and zsh should not allow loading two modules with the
>same name (even if they have different path name).

No.  commands with the same name but different directories are
logically distinct, and modules should be treated the same way.  It
might be useful to allow unloading of a module by base name only, but
we can get a much more powerful effect by adding a -m option (i.e. a
globbing option).


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author