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Re: hashinfo improvement

Zefram wrote:
> planned that would benefit from this.  (Zoltan, are you planning a 3.1.0
> release sometime soon?)

I have started to implement autoloadable zle.  It requires significant code
rearrangements and Makefile changes.  I've finished most of it but the new
Makefile is not yet ready.  I also plan to split builtins.c and create a
Builtins subdirectory.  I have also simplified the dupstruct/freestruct
routines in utils.c for a little fit smaller zsh.

The new loadable zsh is loaded completely automatically, it will not cause
any user-visible change.  It may be worth to not set the ZLE option by
default when invoking zsh as sh.  This may be desirable when zsh is /bin/sh
and the zle modules are not on the root filesystem.

And I also have a lot of work here in the university.  I hope to release
zsh-3.1.0 later this week.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author