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Re: Bug in 3.0.2-test1 (no 'erase char' if zle off)

C. v. Stuckrad wrote:
:I compiled 3.0.2-test1 (by first unpacking a 'fresh' 3.0.1 then doing
:the big patch. The first 'hunk' in Etc/FAQ failed (I saw nothing which
:'should' brak it, so may be there are some blanks or tabs ?)

Yeah, that always fails if you start from the RCS version.  I don't know about
the other version.  That's because the patch contains a line with $Id$ , and
as soon as you check out the FAQ that line gets filled with RCS information
which is not static - eg. if you lock it, it will be different to an unlocked

:The result of switching '-M' on is:
:- deleting 'backwards' the last char, just moves left
:- deleting a char 'inside' the linne, moves the following chars left,
:  BUT 'fills' with the last char (also does no 'blanking' of the last char)
:- Control-U (erase line) only moves the cursor to the beginning of line
:- Control-K (erase rest of line) does seemingly nothing

It occurs on my machine as well.  Annoying since I don't remember changing
(or anyone else changing) any code that would affect it.  
Ahh, it happened between 3.0.1-test4 and 3.0.1 - sometimes having 17 old
versions does something besides taking up disk space :-)
Hopefully a patch will follow soon.
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