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Re: Another missing HEAPALLOC

> PERMALLOC is set in bin_cd for calling cd_get_dest(), but the
> parameter code in getnamedir() needs HEAPALLOC.  (Is this
> getstrvalue() test new?  I've only just started noticing the error
> messages.)  The following patch is chosen simply to make the minimum
> code reorganisation necessary, but maybe the HEAPALLOC needs to be
> further down in getstrvalue() or wherever, as Zoltan suggested.

Yes, this check in getstrvalue() is new.  I added this after Hrvoje Niksic
(it I remember correctly) discovered this memory leak with purify.  I have
changed it to USEHEAP as it seems to be more appropriate now, but it was
proved to quite useful as it allowed me to discover that zlogout scripts
are called with permalloc in effect when the shell exited with a zle
timeout (that's because I do not use zlogout but getsparam("HISTFILE")
invoked this warning).


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author