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Lost Job Control

I just tried zsh 3.0.2-test-3  -f and this bug is still present but not in the 
BUGS file.  I sent a similar message about a month ago but got no response.


Wondering if this bug has been fixed or if it is even known.  It has been 
present for a while now.  I am using Solaris 2.5.1, but have seen it on
Solaris 2.4 and OSF1 V3.2.  It is present in both zsh 3.0 and 3.0.1, I seem to 
remember first seeing it about a year ago, but who knows.

xclock &
xclock &
(ZSH Output: zsh: can't set tty pgrp: invalid argument)

>From now on all other jobs are "lost".  If you type "fg" you
get "fg: no job control in this shell".  If you were to do a
kill %1 instead of the "%1 ; <Control-C>" things continue to
work normally, and you get the expected "fg: no current job" for 
the output of the last "%".  If you do just a "%" instead of 
"%1" things also continue to work fine. This is the smallest sequence 
that I can find that causes the error.

I don't know anything about the code in attachtty, the bug not even be there,
but the kill() is returning success.  I only hit this bug about once every 
other week, and it bothers me since I lose my history when I have to start a 
new window.  Oh well. :-)


awick@xxxxxx                                    Andy Wick
awick@xxxxxxxxxx                              Virginia Tech

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