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Re: Segmentation fault with 3.0.2

> Just upgraded to zsh-3.0.2 final and I get a segmentation fault when
> running lynx with "-post_data" switch which makes it expect some data
> from the tty's standard input. 
> I use this command every day and it worked fine with bash and all zsh
> versions before 3.0.2. Even 3.0.2-test3 was OK I think. Here is the
> output:
> retriever:~% lynx -post_data https://www.datek.com/cgi-bin/vfpwebn.exe
> some data typed to lynx's sdtin and then I do <CR> and <CTRL-D>
> zsh: segmentation fault  lynx -post_data https://www.datek.com/cgi-bin/vfpwebn.exe
> retriever:~%     

Following-up to myself:

Sorry to have sounded the alarm in such a futile way, it seems zsh has
nothing to do with this. It's Lynx that dosen't like what the server
sends back today.

Again my apologies for cluttering this list.


     Louis-David Mitterrand
     (Formula 1): http://www.zoom.com/mito/
     (Java page): http://www.zoom.com/mito/quote/

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