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Remove struct iparam hack

The patch below removes the struct iparam hack to initialise the parameter
hash table which might cause problems on machines where
sizeof(long) != sizeof(void*).  It does not fix any visible bugs but I
kindly ask everyone to try it.  Use cc instead of gcc and use the oldest
and most buggy cc you have on your system.  It assumes that a union can be
initialised with its first element.  This idea comes from Zefram.

That patch can be applied to all released and test zsh versions out there.

Patch below is a unified diff, I think in that case that's more readable than
the context diff.


--- Src/hashtable.h	1996/12/26 17:05:49
+++ Src/hashtable.h	1996/12/26 17:03:11
@@ -65,31 +65,17 @@
-struct iparam {
-    struct hashnode *next;
-    char *nam;			/* hash data                             */
-    int flags;			/* PM_* flags (defined in zsh.h)         */
-    void *value;
-    int (*func1) _((void));	/* set func                              */
-    int (*func2) _((void));	/* get func                              */
-    int ct;			/* output base or field width            */
-    void *data;			/* used by getfns                        */
-    char *env;			/* location in environment, if exported  */
-    char *ename;		/* name of corresponding environment var */
-    Param old;			/* old struct for use with local         */
-    int level;			/* if (old != NULL), level of localness  */
-#define IFN(X) ((int (*)_((void)))(X))
+#define SFN(X) {((void (*)_((Param, char *)))(X))}
+#define GFN(X) {((char *(*)_((Param)))(X))}
 /* Nodes for special parameters for parameter hash table */
 #ifdef GLOBALS
-struct iparam special_params[] =
+struct param special_params[] =
-IPDEF1("#", poundgetfn, IFN(nullsetfn), PM_READONLY),
-IPDEF1("ERRNO", errnogetfn, IFN(nullsetfn), PM_READONLY),
+IPDEF1("#", poundgetfn, nullsetfn, PM_READONLY),
+IPDEF1("ERRNO", errnogetfn, nullsetfn, PM_READONLY),
 IPDEF1("GID", gidgetfn, gidsetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
 IPDEF1("EGID", egidgetfn, egidsetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
 IPDEF1("HISTSIZE", histsizegetfn, histsizesetfn, 0),
@@ -97,20 +83,20 @@
 IPDEF1("SECONDS", secondsgetfn, secondssetfn, 0),
 IPDEF1("UID", uidgetfn, uidsetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
 IPDEF1("EUID", euidgetfn, euidsetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
-IPDEF1("TTYIDLE", ttyidlegetfn, IFN(nullsetfn), PM_READONLY),
+IPDEF1("TTYIDLE", ttyidlegetfn, nullsetfn, PM_READONLY),
 IPDEF2("USERNAME", usernamegetfn, usernamesetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
-IPDEF2("-", dashgetfn, IFN(nullsetfn), PM_READONLY),
+IPDEF2("-", dashgetfn, nullsetfn, PM_READONLY),
 IPDEF2("histchars", histcharsgetfn, histcharssetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
 IPDEF2("HOME", homegetfn, homesetfn, 0),
 IPDEF2("TERM", termgetfn, termsetfn, 0),
 IPDEF2("WORDCHARS", wordcharsgetfn, wordcharssetfn, 0),
 IPDEF2("IFS", ifsgetfn, ifssetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
-IPDEF2("_", underscoregetfn, IFN(nullsetfn), PM_READONLY),
+IPDEF2("_", underscoregetfn, nullsetfn, PM_READONLY),
 #ifdef LC_ALL
+#define LCIPDEF(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL|PM_UNSET,{NULL},{lcsetfn},{strgetfn},0,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
 IPDEF2("LANG", strgetfn, langsetfn, PM_UNSET),
 IPDEF2("LC_ALL", strgetfn, lc_allsetfn, PM_UNSET),
 #ifdef LC_COLLATE
@@ -127,23 +113,23 @@
-#define IPDEF4(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_INTEGER|PM_READONLY|PM_SPECIAL,NULL,IFN(nullsetfn),IFN(intvargetfn),10,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
+#define IPDEF4(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_INTEGER|PM_READONLY|PM_SPECIAL,{NULL},{nullsetfn},GFN(intvargetfn),10,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
 IPDEF4("!", &lastpid),
 IPDEF4("$", &mypid),
 IPDEF4("?", &lastval),
 IPDEF4("LINENO", &lineno),
 IPDEF4("PPID", &ppid),
-#define IPDEF5(A,B,F) {NULL,A,PM_INTEGER|PM_SPECIAL,NULL,IFN(F),IFN(intvargetfn),10,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
+#define IPDEF5(A,B,F) {NULL,A,PM_INTEGER|PM_SPECIAL,{NULL},SFN(F),GFN(intvargetfn),10,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
 IPDEF5("COLUMNS", &columns, zlevarsetfn),
 IPDEF5("LINES", &lines, zlevarsetfn),
 IPDEF5("OPTIND", &zoptind, intvarsetfn),
 IPDEF5("SHLVL", &shlvl, intvarsetfn),
-#define IPDEF6(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_READONLY|PM_SPECIAL,NULL,IFN(nullsetfn),IFN(strvargetfn),0,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
+#define IPDEF6(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_READONLY|PM_SPECIAL,{NULL},SFN(nullsetfn),{strvargetfn},0,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
 IPDEF6("PWD", &pwd),
-#define IPDEF7(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL,NULL,IFN(strvarsetfn),IFN(strvargetfn),0,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
+#define IPDEF7(A,B) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL,{NULL},{strvarsetfn},{strvargetfn},0,(void *)B,NULL,NULL,NULL,0}
 IPDEF7("OLDPWD", &oldpwd),
 IPDEF7("OPTARG", &zoptarg),
 IPDEF7("NULLCMD", &nullcmd),
@@ -158,7 +144,7 @@
 IPDEF7("SPROMPT", &sprompt),
 IPDEF7("0", &argzero),
-#define IPDEF8(A,B,C) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL,NULL,IFN(colonarrsetfn),IFN(colonarrgetfn),0,(void *)B,NULL,C,NULL,0}
+#define IPDEF8(A,B,C) {NULL,A,PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL,{NULL},SFN(colonarrsetfn),GFN(colonarrgetfn),0,(void *)B,NULL,C,NULL,0}
 IPDEF8("CDPATH", &cdpath, "cdpath"),
 IPDEF8("FIGNORE", &fignore, "fignore"),
 IPDEF8("FPATH", &fpath, "fpath"),
@@ -169,17 +155,17 @@
 #ifdef DYNAMIC
 /* MODULE_PATH is not imported for security reasons */
-{NULL, "MODULE_PATH", PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL|PM_DONTIMPORT, NULL, IFN(colonarrsetfn), IFN(colonarrgetfn), 0, (void *)&module_path, NULL, "module_path", NULL, 0},
+{NULL, "MODULE_PATH", PM_SCALAR|PM_SPECIAL|PM_DONTIMPORT, {NULL}, SFN(colonarrsetfn), GFN(colonarrgetfn), 0, (void *)&module_path, NULL, "module_path", NULL, 0},
-#define IPDEF9(A,B,C) {NULL,A,PM_ARRAY|PM_SPECIAL|PM_DONTIMPORT,NULL,IFN(arrvarsetfn),IFN(arrvargetfn),0,(void *)B,NULL,C,NULL,0}
+#define IPDEF9(A,B,C) {NULL,A,PM_ARRAY|PM_SPECIAL|PM_DONTIMPORT,{NULL},SFN(arrvarsetfn),GFN(arrvargetfn),0,(void *)B,NULL,C,NULL,0}
 IPDEF9("*", &pparams, NULL),
 IPDEF9("@", &pparams, NULL),
 /* The following parameters are not avaible in sh/ksh compatibility *
  * mode. All of these has sh compatible equivalents.                */
-IPDEF1("ARGC", poundgetfn, IFN(nullsetfn), PM_READONLY),
+IPDEF1("ARGC", poundgetfn, nullsetfn, PM_READONLY),
 IPDEF2("HISTCHARS", histcharsgetfn, histcharssetfn, PM_DONTIMPORT),
 IPDEF4("status", &lastval),
 IPDEF7("prompt", &prompt),
@@ -204,7 +190,7 @@
-extern struct iparam special_params[];
+extern struct param special_params[];
--- Src/params.c	1996/12/31 01:57:45
+++ Src/params.c	1997/01/01 19:01:48
@@ -41,8 +41,7 @@
-    struct iparam *ip;
-    Param pm;
+    Param ip, pm;
     char **old_environ, **envp, **envp2, **sigptr, **t;
     char buf[50], *str, *iname;
     int num_env;

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