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Nextstep screen update problem with zsh 3.0.2

I already reported about a screen update problem I have using zsh 3.0.2 under  
i386-next-nextstep3.3 (it does NOT appear with zsh 3.0.0):

When I start zsh using: zsh -f and then enter my personal prompt string:

PROMPT="%B%D{%d-%b-%y} %*%b %S%~%s
%m:%n%(#.#.>) "

(there is a line-feed after the %s), the following problem appears:
If I am in the home directory (this is to ensure that the prompt string has a  
certain length), then I enter 20 normal characters, then I type Control-a to  
to the beginning of the line, and then I type more characters.
When typing or deleting the 2nd to 11th of these additional characters, the  
commandline is printed after one additional linefeed, and some of the  
characters of the prompt overlap with the command line.

Since I like the zsh very much, I hope you can fix this problem.

  Robert F. Tobler                 -  tel:+43(1)58801-4585,fax:5874932
  Institute of Computer Graphics   -  mailto:rft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Vienna University of Technology  -  http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/~rft/

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author