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Problem with multi-line PROMPT in zsh-3.0.2

>> On Sun, 29 Dec 1996 03:42:53 +0100 (MET), 
>> Zoltan Hidvegi <hzoli@xxxxxxxxxx> said:

Z> I'll probably make zsh-3.0.3 later next year :-).

   Cool.  I've found a minor problem running 3.0.2 on a Sparc-5 under
   Solaris-2.5.1.  I have a multi-line prompt, and it gets messed up when I do
   a backwards history search or (occasionally) when I scroll through history.
   It doesn't happen if I reset PROMPT to something that fits on a single

   My PROMPT string gets set like this:

      month=`date +%b`
      export tty=`tty`
      export tty=`basename $tty`

      (%w $month %*) <%?> [%~] $program
      %n at %m.%l ($SHLVL-%!-z)%# "

   I know the "tty" stuff looks clumsy, but I use bash, tcsh, and zsh; they
   don't all use the same symbols to specify terminal name, etc.
   A typical prompt appears like this on my screen:

      (Thu 2 Jan 15:53:05) <0> [~] 
      vogelke at ss118.pts/0 (1-2246-z)% echo hi

      (Thu 2 Jan 15:53:11) <0> [~] 
      vogelke at ss118.pts/0 (1-2247-z)% 

   Let's say my history list looks like this:

      1987  mv selrecap.pdf selrecap.pdf.done
      1988  dir
      1989  j
      1990  2
      1991  j
      1992  cd
      1993  j
      1994  mb
      1995  frm
      1996  lpq
      1997  df
      1998  j
      1999  exit
      2000  xsetroot -solid gray
      2001  j
      2002  mis
      2003  frm

   Then I look for "selr" which should match line 1987.  Pressing ^R gives me
   the regular search prompt, and then pressing "s" matches line 2002:

      (Thu 2 Jan 15:55:26) <0> [~] 
      vogelke at ss118.pts/1 (1-2005-z)% mis
      bck-i-search: s_

   Pressing "e" matches line 2000 which is displayed properly.  Pressing "l"
   gives the following display:

      (Thu 2 Jan 15:55:26) <0> [~] 
      vogelke at ss118.pts/1 (1-2005-z)% mv selrecap.pdf selrecap.pdf.done
      (Thu 2 Jan 15:55:26) <0> [~] 
      vogelke at ss118.pts/1 (1-2005-z)% mv selrecap.pdf _

   Adding more characters occasionally re-inserts the "bck-i-search" line in
   the middle of one of the prompts.  This happens whether the cursor is at the
   top, middle, or bottom of the screen, so it's not a matter of odd
   curses/termcap behavior at a screen boundary.

   I run the following commands to set up my terminal, which is a Sun console:

        # Control keys.

        stty 9600 -tabs erase ^? kill ^U susp ^Z intr ^C
        stty rows 41

        # TERM must be set last, or the shell gets REALLY confused.

        export TERMINFO=/usr/local/lib/terminfo
        export TERMCAP=$TERMINFO/sun-new.cap
        export TERM=sun

   Here's the "sun-new.cap" file:

        # Got this from terminfo description supplied with ncurses.
        # Ran tic on that description, then "infocmp -Cr1 sun" to get this.
        # To generate terminfo description:
        #       captoinfo file.cap > file.info
        # To compile the terminfo entry for use:
        #       tic file.info
        # Had to change clear character from formfeed to \E[H\E[J for it
        # to work; got this from the screen code, but I don't know why.
        # Sun Nov  5 15:00:47 EST 1995
        # Location      Keyname         Termcap name
        # --------------------------------------------------
        # F1-F9         Function keys   k1-k9           
        # F10           Function keys   k;
        # F11           Function keys   F1
        # F12           Function keys   F2
        # Help          Help            %1
        # Keypad /      Find            @0
        # Keypad *      Cancel          @2
        # Keypad +      Create          @6
        # Keypad Enter  Enter           @8
        # Keypad -      Exit            @9
        # Up arrow      -               ku
        # Down arrow    -               kd
        # Right arrow   -               kr
        # Left arrow    -               kl
        # Home          -               kh
        # End           -               @7
        sun|Sun Microsystems Workstation console:\

   The equivalent entry is also used in terminfo.  The only real difference
   from the ncurses "sun" entry is using a screen-length of 41 lines.
   When logging in, I use the following X setup commands:

        olvwm &

        # Main terminal session, upper left corner.
        # I want this window to be the owner of the session, so it starts last.

        # xterm options:
        #       -fn 10x20       selects comfortable font
        #       -b 10           give me a 10-pixel border around window
        #       -j              use jump-scrolling (faster)
        #       -sb             give me a scroll-bar
        #       -sf             use Sun function key escape codes

        termopts="-fn 10x20 -b 10 -j -sb -sf"
        xterm -g 80x41+150+0 $termopts -title "`uname -n`"

   I've tried compiling with and without ncurses, but that doesn't help.
   I did put in the first patch you issued concerning the setvbuf() call for

   Other than that, the shell works dandy.  My prompt string and terminal
   setup is exactly the same for zsh-2.6-beta12, which didn't display the

Karl Vogel                                          vogelke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ASC/YCOA, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433	                937-255-3688

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