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Re: call this a mark??

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
> Emacs just invalidates the mark when any character is inserted/deleted.  That
> would be a simple solution (a new ZLE_ flag can be added to mark those zle
> functions which do not invalidate the mark).

Nope, emacs tracks not only the current mark but a whole lot of
previous ones (typing \C-u\C-@ will you take you back through them),
plus an arbitrary number of ones maintained by utilities, plus in
version 19 the marks associated with overlays etc.  They are all
updated properly with insertion and deletion.  Maybe you're thinking
of transient mark mode, where the mark is deactivated, but not

I wasn't thinking of tracking more than the current emacs mode mark in
zsh, that what obviously be too much.

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