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Problem on Linux

Esteemed colleagues:
	I am having a little bit of trouble compiling zsh-3.1.0 on
Linux 2.0.28. Here is the log... of course, the error goes at the end:
% make all ; su -c 'make install'

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `utils.c'.  Stop.
make: *** [Src] Error 2
'-DHAVE_CONFIG_H' CFLAGS='-Wall -Wno-implicit -Wmissing-prototypes -O2' LDFLAGS='' LIBS='-ltermcap' prefix='/usr/local' exec_prefix='/usr/local' bindir='/usr/local/bin' libdir='/usr/local/lib' infodir='/usr/local/info' mandir='/usr/local/man' manext='1'
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/98/hdiwan/zsh-3.1.0/Src'
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed builtin.c > builtin.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed compat.c > compat.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed cond.c > cond.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed exec.c > exec.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed glob.c > glob.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed hashtable.c > hashtable.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed hist.c > hist.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed init.c > init.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed input.c > input.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed jobs.c > jobs.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed lex.c > lex.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed linklist.c > linklist.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed loop.c > loop.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed main.c > main.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed math.c > math.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed mem.c > mem.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed module.c > module.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed options.c > options.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed params.c > params.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed parse.c > parse.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed prompt.c > prompt.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed signals.c > signals.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed subst.c > subst.pro
sed -n -f ./makepro.sed text.c > text.pro
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/98/hdiwan/zsh-3.1.0/Src'

Hasan Diwan

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