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Re: Man pages missing

> I'm not a fan of yodl. Why? Because I've never heard of it before. And
> because I have heard of other tools that have proven their utility.
> I would think that if you didn't find Texinfo suitable, that POD (Plain
> Old Documentation), the documentation format used by the Perl project,
> would satisfy. pod2text(1) and Pod::Text(3) come with the Perl5
> distribution, and there are pod2man(1), pod2html(1), pod2latex(1), and
> pod2fm(1) converters available elsewhere. You can find out more about
> POD by:

You should give us some credit.  (When I was maintainer) I researched
this option as well as several other (pod, linux-doc, texinfo, ...)
None of these fit all our criteria, although pod was the closed.

Pod has some limitations.  Chief among them is that you cannot
put tags such as bold or italics in code fragments.  The zsh man pages
do this in many places in order to illustrate various syntatic things.
Also pod doesn't contain enough information to automatically create
html or texinfo files.  There are translators for them, but the output
requires manual changes and additions (I just downloaded the texinfo
files for Perl today, and the README contained with it says exactly

linux-doc is nice for some things, but (at the time) did not have
a translator for man pages.  That kills it as a choice.

yodl seems to be a nice tool.  Give it a chance before you condemn
it.  If it doesn't work out, we can change formats again.


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