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Re: history-search-backward

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Zefram wrote:
> > That's what history-beginning-search-backward is for.  It may cause
> > confusion, but only minimally, as the old behaviour wasn't documented.
> Problem is, history-beginning-search-backward only got added a few
> versions ago and has never been bound, while the
> history-search-backward behaviour, partly inherited from tcsh, has
> been around for years and years whether documented or not and I don't
> believe I'm the only one to have been relying on it.  If it confused
> me --- and I'm supposed in principal to be clued up --- I can't
> imagine the general confusion will be any less.

I think it would be a good idea to make history beginning-search bound to M-p
and M-n by default instead of history-search.  I personally never use
history-search, I always found it quite useless as history-beginning-* is much

In fact, in tcsh M-p is bount to history-beginning instead of history search.

Any objections to change this default?


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