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Re: history-search-backward

Peter Stephenson writes:
> Looks like another incompatibility got in while I wasn't paying much
> attention: ^[p will only search backwards on complete words.

I don't think anyone objected except me, which I found surprising.
I think the new method is less versatile.  Sure it agrees with the
man page, but it would have been just as easy to fix the manual.

The old method allowed someone to choose between searching for a
whole command and a sub-string by including a space or not.  Yes, I
know that history-beginning-search-backward lets you do this and
more (I've had that bound to ^[p for a long time now since it works
like bash's default ^[p command and I like that better), but it seems
to me that the undocumented working of the default binding was more
intuitive for those that didn't want the command arguments getting
into the search.


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