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Re: zsh-3.1.1 on NetBSD patch & problems

Vinnie Shelton  <shelton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> zefram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> > gwing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >1) What's happened to default compctls?
> > Who cares?  They were a bad idea anyway. 
>   ^^^^^^^^^^
> Is that some kind of joke?  Does the phrase "backward compatibility" mean
> anything to you?  Can we all agree a permanent moratorium on breaking
> old code/scripts/login environments?

Well, this change certainly breaks code and scripts, but I do agree
that the old defaults were very convenient, and *not* a bad idea.

When we are at work, why don't we kick out `bye' (we have exit, after
all), history (use `fc -l'), `r' (use `fc -r'), etc.  Bah!

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The IDIOT.  Usually a cretin, morphodite, or old COBOL programmer
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