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SEGV with dynamic loading + zle builtin

% ./zsh -f Baaah
zsh: 22284 segmentation fault (core dumped)  ./zsh -f Baaah

while trying to print out the `file not found message'.  The problem
is that trashzle() is #defined to use trashzleptr() (which is making
the code rather confusing, by the way) and in the call to zerr() from
parseargs(), trashzleptr is not set since this happens in

In my case this is happening because (as I explained last week) I need
to have zle built into the shell, otherwise other libraries can't
recognise symbols from it.  However, it's possible this occurs other
times zle is built-in, e.g. without dynamic loading.  It probably
doesn't occur at all before 3.1.1.

There are various ways to handle this but while the dynamic loading
code is still evolving it's not obvious to me which is the best.  For
now it would be safe to add an `if (trashzleptr)' line in zerr()
before the (apparent) call to trashzle().

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