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Re: zsh-3.1.1 on NetBSD patch & problems

gwing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>:>3) why is -pedantic set for --enable-debug ?
>:So we don't accidentally introduce non-conformant code that gcc accepts.
>What sort of things?  Non-conforming to what?  Pedantic checks ANSI C.

Yes.  zsh doesn't require gcc to build; it can be compiled by any ANSI
compiler.  It's very easy to accidentally write illegal code that gcc
won't even warn about normally.

>Things like variable length arrays are (configure) supported.

Yes, we use variable length arrays if they are available.  That's a
special case.

>Quad types aren't supported in printf("%q...

We use quad types where they are available and needed.

>Anyway, my gcc man page says:
>``without this option, certain GNU extensions and traditional C features
>are supported as well.  With this option, they are rejected.  There is no
>reason to use this option; it exists only to satisfy pedants.''

Do you really believe all that GNU propaganda?  They seem to be
encouraging the creation of an "all the world's a GNU" syndrome.  The
truth is that there is no reason to use -pedantic if one only wants to
compile some code with gcc, and is not concerned about any other
compilers.  We *do* care about other compilers, so -pedantic is very


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