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Re: zle_refresh patch 2

On Mar 5,  6:47pm,  (Zoltan T. Hidvegi) wrote:
} Subject: Re: zle_refresh patch 2
} Fine, but there are two problems: shortterm is a zle variable and in 3.1
} utils.c has no access to zle globals.

It's only mentioned in a DPUTS anyway; just scrap the DPUTS in 3.1 (as
you did).  Geoff's original patch did more with it than that.

} The other problem is that
} resetneeded local variable has the same name as a global one, which is
} misleading.  Also a comparision should use >= 3 instead on > 3.  I simply
} removed the resetneeded variable, since it was really unnecessary.

Hmm.  Well, I dislike your change because it presumes that init_term()
is independent of the values of "lines" and "columns".  This in itself
(init_term() not knowing about lines/columns) MAY be wrong, now that I
look at it, because init_term() is called from zle in a couple places,
namely putprompt() and zleread().

Will zle ever call init_term in such a way that a very-small terminal is
set incorrectly?  I don't follow it well enough to be sure.

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