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Re: zle_refresh patch 2

On Mar 6,  2:56pm, gwing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} Subject: Re: zle_refresh patch 2
}  sorry, I haven't had much time up until now.  I'm going to have to look at
} the way 3.1.* handles the Zle module before I can send a patch for all the
} problems - previously I've been sending patches to 3.0.*

I think you can continue patching 3.0.3-test4 as long as you don't make
reference to zle globals in non-zle .c files.  Zoltan?

} The reason that the zle went into singlelinemode style when the terminal
} went down to 1 or 2 lines is because it was simpler.  I seem to remember, it
} avoided *lots* of conditionals all the way through the code.  I can change
} this and I would also probably have to change quite a bit of the prompt code
} to count number of lines, etc.

It was Peter's assertion that changing the value of "termok" was sufficient
to change zle into a sane state, without having to toggle the *ZLE options.
I tried this (see my most recent patch) and it seems to work OK; I'm just
worried that putprompt() or zleread() is going to call init_term() at a bad
time, and thus reset "termok" independently of lines/columns.

} There are a couple of choices here; when a terminal decreases number of
} lines to 1 or 2:
}  1)  it goes into singlelinemode style (without setting SINGLE_LINE_ZLE)
}      until the terminal increases its lines above 2.  

This is fine as far as *I'm* concerned.

} There are also a couple of bugs which won't show up until the terminal goes
} down to < 5 or so columns.  I think I kept getting destroyed memory structs
} so I didn't work out what buffers were being overflowed.

With `termok = TERM_BAD' in effect, I was able to set COLUMNS=2 without
any crashes.  Of course, all I could ever see was the < and > that mean
that there's more text left and right of the visible screen, but I was
able to blind-type various commands and finally reset COLUMNS=80 with
no apparent ill effects.

Bart Schaefer                             Brass Lantern Enterprises
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