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Fix needed for new COLUMNS/LINES handling

My contribution to the several recent display-handling patches for 3.0.3
and 3.1.x included, among other things, two changes:

(1) Make setintenv() call the pm.ifn routine when changing the parameter;
(2) Use setintenv() to establish $COLUMNS and $LINES in init.c.

I recently installed zsh-3.0.3-test4 with these patches added.  Today I
got this message:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Subject: New unpleasantness w/zsh

This started happening to me in emacs shell buffers:

  aztec [~/zanshin/src/mac/genesis/rsrc] 99 % ls
  ls: ignoring invalid width in environment variable COLUMNS: 0

after the new zsh was installed.  Any ideas?

I'm not sure whether this means that zsh is exporting COLUMNS and LINES
when it did not do so before, or merely that it is exporting a value that
it did not previously export.  In any case, exporting COLUMNS=0 is a bug.
The absolute minimal fix is to change setintenv():

  setintenv(char *s, long val)
      Param pm;
      char buf[DIGBUFSIZE];
      if ((pm = (Param) paramtab->getnode(paramtab, s)) && pm->env) {
  	(pm->sets.ifn)(pm, val);
- 	sprintf(buf, "%ld", val);
+ 	sprintf(buf, "%ld", (pm->gets.ifn)(pm));
  	pm->env = replenv(pm->env, buf);

This ought to be done anyway, so that any change to "val" made by sets.ifn
is properly picked up by setintenv.  (Question ... is pm->data guaranteed
to be a (long *) in this case?)

However, we also might want to consider changing init.c so that it does
not modify COLUMNS and LINES at all when the winsize.ws_col or .ws_row
values are zero.  There are cases where values for those variables that
are already in the environment may be more correct.

Final question:  Who is responsible for actually exporting LINES and
COLUMNS?  setintenv() is a no-op if pm->env is false, which means that
COLUMS and LINES won't get set if they aren't already exported.  Is
that really how it should behave?  Or is there something else I missed
that my init.c change has broken?

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