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Re: stat module fixes

Zefram wrote:
> This patch fixes a few small problems with Peter's stat module.
> 2. To be more like ls -l, zll should use %e instead of %d to format the
>    day of the month in times.

This requires my ztrftime() patch in 2963, which is why I wrote it like
that; otherwise, the length of the time string isn't fixed.  It's also
system specific whether %e or %d (with leading zero) is used (or, to put
it another way, AIX likes to be different).

> 7. Elements st_{a,m,c}tim in struct stat were being used; these appear to
>    be struct timeval.  I haven't seen any system that has these members,
>    so I changed it to use the more conventional st_{a,m,c}time, which
>    are time_t.  If the systems that have st_{a,m,c}tim don't also support
>    st_{a,m,c}time, it'll have to be autoconfed.

We actually have

#define st_atime        st_atim.tv_sec
#define st_mtime        st_mtim.tv_sec
#define st_ctime        st_ctim.tv_sec

which I didn't look at closely enough.

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