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Re: zsh not sourcing /etc/profile?

In message "Re: zsh not sourcing /etc/profile?",
'hzoli@xxxxxxxxxxxx' writes:

>Richard Coleman wrote:
>> I found this article on comp.unix.shells.  I thought I would
>> pass it along.
>> > posix-sh, ksh, and bash all return the name of the shell for $0 when
>> > sourcing a file.
>> >
>> > Only zsh returns the name of the file being sourced.  I suspect the
>> > right behaviour is to return the shell name.  The reason for this is
>> > that sourcing a file does not create a new process, it should behave
>> > as if the file had been typed from the keyboard.  If you type the
>> > command "echo $0" at the prompt, it should return the shell name.
>> > Although I really like zsh, I think it does not have the right
>> > behaviour because you can't rely on $0 to determine which shell is
>> > interpreting the file.
>Under zsh this is controlled by the FUNCTION_ARGZERO option, which is set
>when zsh is started as sh/ksh.

Even there, the behaviour is not the same as ksh.

On HP-UX 9.05

under ksh:

1> echo $0
2> echo 'echo "$0"' > bar
3> . ./bar
4> function foo { echo $0 }
5> foo

under zsh :
1> echo $ZSH_VERSION
2> echo $0
3> [[ -o function_argzero ]] && echo "yes" || echo "no"
4> echo 'echo "$0"' >! bar
5> . ./bar
6> function foo { echo $0 }
7> foo
8> unsetopt function_argzero
9> [[ -o function_argzero ]] && echo "yes" || echo "no"
10> . ./bar
11> foo
12> emulate ksh
13> . ./bar
14> foo

The behaviour shown by ksh seems, IMHO,  better than the one shown by
zsh.  The reason is that sourcing a file should have the same
behaviour as typing the text.  However, in a function, $0 is more
useful as the name of the function than the name of the shell.

Also, with emulate ksh, the behaviour of zsh is different than ksh.

Shouldn't we change the behaviour of function_argzero option to behave
more like ksh?


Alain Caron
Nortel Technology, Montréal, Québec, Canada
email: alainc@xxxxxxxxx

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