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zsh web site shutting down

Carl Harris, the maintainer of the zsh web site host, has informed me
that his site will cease to exist as of 15 May 1997. If the web page
service is to continue, a new WWW host will need to be
identified. Unfortunately, my employer has strict guidelines for
government computer resource usage that prevent our site from hosting
the pages.

Furthermore, as much as I hate to admit it, I have not given the ZSH
web page the attention it deserves in recent months. As such, I think
it best if a new maintainer can be identified and take over the
responsibility of ZSH web page maintainer beginning no later than 15
May 1997. Please let me know if a link pointing to the new site (if
any) is desired on the current site.

I realize the appearance of the page is nothing to brag about by
today's standards, but I've truly enjoyed the opportunity to create
and contribute to the site. I have no doubt the new maintainer will
take the page to greater technological heights and give ZSH the web
presence such a great shell deserves.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have graciously contributed examples 
and suggestions during the past few years.


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