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Re: zsh web site shutting down

"Timothy J. Luoma" <luomat@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Actually, it seems that the pages have found a new home, at  
> http://www.peak.org/zsh/
> The folks @ peak.org have donated the web space and I am currently  
> working on changing the pages over to the peak site.
> Final details are not yet available, and the pages are not done  
> yet, but never fear, it will be taken care of in a day or two...  
> maybe three, I haven't really looked at the HTML code all that much  
> yet...
> I will be able to maintain the pages for at least the next year,  
> and hopefully longer...

Something to consider might be registering a unique domain name 
for the ZSH pages so when the website responsibility needs to change
hands, it isn't as painful.  No relearning is needed, the documentation 
and the search engines won't need updating, etc.  I can go a long way
to quell confusion.  Thats what we've done for Gnus (Emacs newsreader)
with `gnus.org'.  

Just something to think about.

Jason R. Mastaler                                 jason@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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