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Re: test patches

Zefram wrote:
> Having brace expansion on in sh mode potentially breaks some programs that
> depend on POSIX.  We do intend zsh to be a POSIX conformant sh, don't we?

Yes.  Unfortunately I do not have the final POSIX.2, just an early draft.
bash, pdksh and ksh93 also intend to be POSIX conformant, and they all have
brace expansion by default.

> >                         And some Linux developers simply tell you, that if
> >/bin/sh is not bash, then your Linux system is broken anyway.
> Anyone that tells you that is mistaken.  Even the Linux kernel Makefiles
> don't assume that /bin/sh is bash.

You do not have to convice me, I was probably the first who started using
zsh as /bin/sh more than two years ago.  There was a long thread about
related issues in the Debian development mailing list (which I do not read,
I just saw this thread on the web mirror of the list), and there I saw
posts expressing such opimions.  The thread was about the bash-2.0 upgrade,
and mostly concerned about the broken ((foo); bar) syntax in bash-2.0
(which will be fixed in the next bash as well as the next zsh release).


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