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Hi experts,

1. I tried to split a parameter into words using the separator ':'. 
   Neither of this works:

	print ${(s:::)x}
	print ${(s:\::)x}
	print ${(s:':':)x}

   What I get is the message "zsh: error in flags". Although I 
   could work around it, I'd like to know if it _should_ work?

2. The 'select' statement doesn't check its input properly. 
   If you enter, e.g., "2blah", it is taken as "2" and the rest is
   ignored. This makes some things inconvenient. For example, I
   freqently use select in a function that realizes a checklist, 
   where you can check and uncheck single items as well as ranges in
   the form "4-13". In order to test if a range has been entered,
   I have to examine REPLY before the select-variable, which is somewhat

   The original ksh88 shows the same behavior. I told David Korn
   about it some time ago, and he, too, considered this a bug.


Bernd Eggink
Regionales Rechenzentrum der Uni Hamburg

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author