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Re: Restrict the other path

> First of all, thank you very much.
> Would you mind to tell me how to set the restricted option in zsh-3.1.1?

You should probably read the RESTRICTED SHELL section in the zshmisc manual
page.  Zsh enters restricted mode if command used to invoke zsh starts with
the letter r or the -r command line option is supplied at invocation.  You
can also set restricted mode any time unsing setopt(RESTRICTED).

> By the way, zsh-3.1.1 is only a Beta, is it stable?

Yes, it is beta, and it certainly has bugs (as every program), but it is
quite usable.  Many people just accept the fact that the production release
of the OS they use crashes several times a day.  Zsh is far more stable
than that.  Anything starting with zsh-3.1 will be beta, but hopefully by
every new release it is getting better.  And if you do not use the new
staff, it should be as stable as the 3.0 series.  And eventually, zsh-3.2
will be released some time for those who prefer stability.  But it'll be
fall or maybe even winter before that happens.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author