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unique partial completion

Hi All,

In zsh version 3.1.* I am not warned about any incomplete completions.
For example,

	$ ./zsh -f
	argo% cd zsh-3.1.1/Src/Zle
	argo% ls mo<TAB>

This last completes the command line to:

	argo% ls mod

as it should (there are lots of mod* files) but there are no beeps
or completion lists to indicate that this completion is incomplete.
Even with 'setopt auto_list list_beep' I dont get a warning or a
completion list.  When I hit <TAB> for the second time, I now get
the beep and the list.

So this occurs exactly when there is a unique partial completion.

Firstly is this a feature...... or is it something I should look into
fixing. Have I missed an option?  Im sure that this is a change from
the version 3.0 zsh but Ive noticed that bash on my Linux machine does
it too.

For sake of extra info:

	argo% setopt
	argo% uname -a
	SunOS argo.dcrt.nih.gov 5.4 Generic_101945-45 sun4d sparc


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author