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Re: complete-or-expand-prefix

On May 30,  9:00am, Anthony Iano-Fletcher wrote:
} Subject: complete-or-expand-prefix
} One of the zle functions 'complete-or-expand-prefix' no longer
} works.

I've never heard of that one ... are you sure "expand-or-complete-prefix"
isn't what you're thinking of?  

} I added this a while back and used it. After a couple
} of job changes I lost it from my zshrc file. So the short story
} is that I dont know when it broke but it is (at least for me -
} Solaris 2.4 on a Sparc).

Can you describe how the behavior changed from before it broke to now?

Is it broken in the same ways in 3.0.3-test5 and the latest 3.1?

The behavior of expand-or-complete-prefix may have been changed when
COMPLETE_IN_WORD was added, or thereabouts ... but I don't recall whether
any such change was intentional.

} There are 2 options:
} 	1. I can fix 'complete-or-expand-prefix' (I have a patch) or
} 	2. delete 'complete-or-expand-prefix' completely.
} I'm happy with either - do we want backward compatibilty?

The problem may be that we now have two different definitions of backward
compatibility -- all the way back to the original you added, or back to
the intermediate versions since COMPLETE_IN_WORD.  I'd like to hear more
details before trying to figure out which is what.

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