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Re: Startup files

On 31 May 1997 05:15:47 +1000, Bernd Eggink <eggink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
:The documentation (3.1.0) says that "Commands are first read from
:/etc/zshenv". This is not true.  
:"init.c" shows that each startup file from /etc is read only if the
:appropriate #define is set (GLOBAL_ZSHENV, GLOBAL_ZPROFILE etc), but
:none is set by default. On the other hand, the INSTALL file (if I got it
:right) says that one has to explicitely _disable_ processing of a
:scriptfile by adding the option --disable-scriptname to 'configure',
:which suggests that GLOBAL_scriptname is set by default.

Unless you specify otherwise when you run configure, they're all set by
default in config.h . configure checks for --disable-whatever and
--enable-whatever=pathname  and if it finds neither it will give you defaults.

:What is the intention?

As it is.

:I'd prefer an implementation of the documented default behaviour.

It is.  What exactly leads you to believe they're unset by default?
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