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Re: modules!??

Wez Furlong wrote:
> : The IRIX crash is probably caused by the duplication of the comp1 module.
> The IRIX version loads the comp1 module on startup itself; this leads me
> to believe that comp1 is not builtin to the IRIX binary. When it
> successfully loads the comp1.so, it seg-faults; without it it carries on
> happily.

The problem I was seeing on IRIX, if it helps, was that comp1 loaded OK,
then there was a silent crash when attempting to load zle on top, I
think in the boot_ function.  I got around it by adding both comp1 and zle
to modules.bltin and recompiling and everything has been OK with dynamic
loading since then.  As Zoltan pointed out, adding zle should only really
be necessary if you have ZLE add-on modules, of which deltochar is currently
the only one (and will soon be implementable as a function if it isn't

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