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Re: modules!??

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
>                  Perhaps the output of zmodload should include the
>statically linked modules as well (with some indication that this module is

Probably a good idea.  It should refuse to load the redundant dynamic
module, and refuse to unload the static module.

>Deltochar have a similar problem, it wants to use the zmod symbol exported
>by the zle module.  The symbols defined by a module can be discovered using
>dlsym even on these systems, so we may find some way to overcome this
>limitation.  I think it is possible to do that with some script-generated C

How?  Would this be a case of #defining all imported symbols to
(*symbol_table[SYMBOL_NUM]) and having the module base manage home-made
symbol tables?  If so, what do we do about systems where there are
several sizes of pointer?

>                 The imported function list is hard to portably generate

What's wrong with `nm obj.o | grep " U "` and comparing against the
lists of exported symbols?  This could even be used to generate module
dependencies automatically.


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