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incorrect behavior of zsh under su on SUNOS-4.1.3

Hello Folks,

Some problems have been encountered here when using ZSH-3.1.2 on a 
SunOS-4.1.3 system.

It looks very much like that if invoked from other programs in a way

	exec("/path/to/zsh", argv[0], other_args)

what many programs do to spawn a shell or a subshell,
zsh_name (the variable in the sourcecode) is set to argv[0] of the
spawning program.

This looks quite ok for me (at least for most programs), but when the
shell-spawning program is /bin/su (or /usr/5bin/su) of SunOS, this
prevents the shell from reading its initialisation files (/etc/zshenv
and so on), which isn´t correct behaviour according to the
documentation of su(1). Other programs calling exec*(2) in a similar
way lead to the same problem (I checked elm-2.4 for example).

Maybe some of you folks would like to address the problem and solve it 
like this:

	if zsh_name is set to something different than zsh (or -zsh),
	always set it to "zsh", so that init files are read for every
	subshell in the ususal way. Maybe this is best done by adding
	something like (below line # 53 in main.c)

if (strcmp(zsh_name,"zsh") != 0 && strcmp(zsh_name, "-zsh") !=0 )

	or even by replacing line 53 in main.c with
	zsh_name = "zsh";

Of course, there might be trouble somewhere else when solving the
problem like this (like we do here at our installation), so that there 
may be better solutions (I´m not a shell-hacker).

If you have suggestions for better solutions of my problem or want
additional information, please email me directly because I´m not
subscribed to zsh-workers, zsh-users (I don´t even remember being
subscribed to zsh-announce).

Juergen Peter                     | PGP encrypted mail is welcome.
Lehrstuhl fuer Mikroelektronik    | See my homepage for disclaimer!
Univ. Geb. 13, Postfach 151150,   | email: bluen@xxxxxxxxxxxx
66041 Saarbruecken                | http://www.ee.uni-sb.de/~bluen/ 

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