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Re: zsh-3.0.3: another problem in Src/jobs.c


Seems this (Peter's ) patch not fix 100% problem, becouse after
applying it the same problem (stty and bakground jobs) still
happed rundomly or   after working some time;
I cannot catch the moment where my stty goes bad.
( all talks about 3.1.2 )

This happed becouse from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 was long time of programming
and not 100 users testing. may be need to produce alphas-betas 
more often with some (not 100) bug fix in it ? 

Zoltan Hidvegi wrote:
> >       I reported a problem of zsh-3.0.3/Src/jobs.c by e-mail
> > <9706180710.AA10798@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> yesterday.  Now I
> > found another problem.  It is like this:
> It seems that it is really a problem with your patch.  You perhaps missed
> Peter's one-liner fix for the problem (you have to remove your patched before
> that applies.
> And I should apologize for the delay of zsh-3.0.4.  I have almost made a
> release but then came two new fixes from Peter az Zefram.
> Zoltan
> Here is Peter's patch:
[patch about inforeground removed]
  Andrei ( tandr@xxxxxxx )

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