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Re: zsh-3.0.3: another problem in Src/jobs.c

>> 	% emacs -nw &
>> 	% fg
>> 	[type ^X^C to terminate the emacs]
>> 	% stty
>> 	[Note: this is not artificial.  When you forget to set
>> 	 DISPLAY, you will be put in the same situation.]
>> If solely my patch of June 20 had applied, then this is not
>> happend when you _once_ suspend the "fg"ed emacs job before
>> terminate it.  Now that you also changed Src/jobs.c from
>But it did happed when you did not suspend the fg'ed job, even with your
>patch, right?

Yes, precisely.  However, suspending the fg'ed job was an _easy_
work around to do when you got into the situation.  In fact, I
and my colleagues had never noticed that problem before; we
usually suspend emacs of non x-window to switch the jobs.

>Still I think zsh is right here, and it is an emacs bug.  The problem is
>emacs leaves the tty setting in a wrong state when it exits.  I do not
>know how zsh can help here.  Note that ksh does the same, even worse,
>since after this the ksh line editor becomes unusable, and I had to kill
>ksh from an other terminal.

Well, try bash-1.14.7 or tcsh-6.06, please.  They get on well
with emacs.  It is regrettable that zsh does not.  In spite of
its _excellent_ line-editing facility and other useful features,
this particular problem may make zsh _notorious_ as a shell that
is free and powerful but cannot work well even with emacs...

Perhaps, IMHO, the better way to do is: 

(1) For zsh-3.0.X, to take a conservative patch as mine for the
    time being, and note the problem and works around (ttyctl,
    STTY, or job suspending) in Etc/BUGS.  Please do not forget
    that zsh-3.0.X is being used for _daily_ use by many users
    all over the world.

(2) For zsh-3.1.X, to devise an innovation.  I think it is best
    to make a third option for ttyctl which let the shell
    ignore stty changes under some unusual situations (as bash
    does).  And it will be nice if the new option is default.

Hisao Suzuki <suzuki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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