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zsh 3.0.4? (was Re: zsh 3.0.3 status)

Zoltan Hidvegi <hzoli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> > I noticed zsh 3.0.3 is on the FTP servers and has been for a couple
> > days, but I didn't see an announcement of it on the mailing lists.  I
> > can't find mention of one via the archive server either, so I don't
> > think I missed it.  The README file says 3.0.3 is the latest
> > production release of zsh, but I'm confused because usually an
> > announcement is sent around the very same time a release is made.
> There will be a zsh-3.0.4 release within a few days since zsh-3.0.3 has a
> quite annoying bug, as it forgets terminal setting the first time a
> background job finishes while zle is active unless ttyctl -f is not used.
> But you can install zsh-3.0.3 and put ttyctl -f into your .zshrc and you'll
> not notice anything wrong and you can even help by reporting still
> undiscovered bugs before 3.0.4 is out.

So it looks like zsh 3.0.4 is now on the FTP servers, but I still didn't
see an announcement on it.  Have announcements of new zsh versions
been discontinued?  I found them quite useful actually.

   Jason R. Mastaler                      jason@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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