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Re: FAQ, German Umlauts

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > Anyway, what do I have to do to make this option being implemented
> > in future versions of zsh?
> It's very simple and I've just done it.  I've assumed that only eight
> bit characters are a problem.  The option is called PRINT_EIGHT_BIT
> (or printeightbit etc.); see the manual entry.  (Would PASS_EIGHT_BIT
> be better? It sounded a little opaque to me.)

Good. Thanks a lot!

(Actually, I think, "printeightbit" sounds a bit like "print everything
with eighth bit set", so PASS_EIGHT_BIT seems better.)

Uli Zappe wrote:
> Zefram wrote:
> > If it's only needed if the system has a bug, then a run-time
> > option is the wrong way to do it.  Make it a configure-time option
> > (--enable-pass8), and conditionally compile in such a special
> > version of isprint(), using it instead of the system's version.
> This sounds very reasonable.

No, it doesn't. Imagine your nextbox being hooked up as a terminal to a
linux-server, or something similar.

> Is there a source for isprint() lying around somewhere? I could
> modify and/or at least test its correct behaviour for NEXTSTEP.

No need to do so. It's there and it behaves the same as on any
other box. (To those who don't know, nextstep is more or less plain
vanilla 4.3 BSD)


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