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Re: Possible Bug / strange behaviour / Version 3.0.2 Solaris 2.4

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, C. v. Stuckrad wrote:

> As this does NOT happen under LINUX and NOT under SunOS
> it might be something spuriously depending on the OS and on the
> ZSH-Version but we found it extremely strange:
> In Solaris 2.4 (compiled with gcc 2.7.2) the zsh 3.0.2
> switches the time depending on 'how the TZ-variable was created'
> - If exported directly, or exported and a command follows
>   the shown value of '%*' changes.
> - If just set, or 'exported by just exporting the variable and no command
>   on the line' the time stays correct!
> Any ideas?

It smells like a OS bug. I can reproduce it as well (probably, because my
system also originates in SVR4 ;-) This happens (in my OS at least) under
very special cases. I can describe it, if you are interested. It has
nothing to do with ZSH - I can send you small test program which shows
this problem. 

As for your description - untill TZ is exported, time functions, which are
used by ZSH, just don't see it and use some fallback value (UTC in our
case -- obviously MET in your case). If you export empty TZ - it is the
same, as unset it. As soon as TZ is exported, it triggers this bug.

Just interseted: on my system exporting full TZ specification  is buggy,
but exporting just "TZ=CET-1CEST-2,M3.5.0/02:00:00" works fine. 

OTOH who needs to change TZ on the fly ;-}


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