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On Jul 30,  7:54pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} Subject: Re: RC_EXPAND_PARAM bug
} > Anyone mixing plan9 and non-plan9 array expansions is asking
} > for trouble.  Perhaps the documentation should warn against it.
} After looking at rc, I agree. Actually, the implementation in ZSH is so
} different, that the name RC_EXPAND_PARAM is just misleading.

I think it's a bit late to change now, however.

Also, un(?)fortunately, it's too late to actually match the rc behavior.

} As far as ZSH goes, I am not shure, if any reasonable way to mix arrays
} with and without RC_EXPAND_PARAM in one line (word to be shure) exists.

I think the beta16-and-earlier cartesian product was reasonable and gave
consistent results.  However, I encourage a warning in the doc that the
results are not the same as for rc and that mixing ${^x} and ${^^x} in
the same word may not behave in the way one expects. 

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