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Re: RC_EXPAND_PARAM final patch

On Aug 4,  1:21pm,  (Zoltan T. Hidvegi) wrote:
} Subject: Re: RC_EXPAND_PARAM final patch
} belgium ~ % echo {$x,z}a
} {x y,z}a
} It is probably not what you would expect, although ksh behaves this way.

Actually, this is exactly what I'd expect.  The $x is inside the { },
so the entire value of $x should be treated as part of the brace

} I'm goint to change it so that the result will be 3 words:
} x ya za

What, then, is the result of `echo {w,$x,z}a' ?  I can't imagine that
anyone would expect that to be the same as `{w,x} {y,z}a'.  Who told
zsh to put the extra } { in there?

} But this would mean an other change: ${x}{a,b} will expand to 4 words,
} x ya x yb

This is fine, assuming that {p,q}${x}{a,b} expands to 8 words

px ya qx ya px yb qx yb

That's how I've thought it should work all along.

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