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Re: zsh as root login

Bruce Stephens <B.Stephens@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Yeah, but how many other people want that?  I think you're better off making 
> and installing it once normally, into /usr/local, and then configuring and 
> building a static version for /bin and installing that by hand.

I agree wholeheartedly !

Why do you want /bin/zsh to be statically linked anyway ?
as long as the libraries are kept on the root partition dynamic linking should
work fine in any circumstance and I can't see any special security problems
So just copy /usr/local/bin/zsh to /bin and be careful to also copy every
library referenced (ldd or elfdump or somesuch can give you the list) into /lib
and you should be fine.


PS: also I always thought that "sbin" stands for "system binaries" rather than
    for "static binaries", in the sense that <something>/sbin should contain
    programs that a normal user would normally not use (like mount, lpc, amq
    and the usual daemons).
PPS: furthermore, if you install zsh in /bin, then why do you also want it in
    /usr/local ? Just "configure --prefix=/ --mandir=/usr/man" and then add
    a "ln -s /bin/zsh /usr/local/bin/" for those scripts using the
    "canonic path" (it's always a bad idea to have two copies of the same
    program since it tends to waste memory by having multiple copies of the
    same program in core).

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