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Problem with the redefinition of "cd" command.

	I installed tne zsh-3.1.0 in my HP-ws and I am grateful for the adventages of it, the main is the possibility of editing commands with the cursor keys. But I have a problem: when I translated my original .login (c-shell) to the .zlogin I was unable to get this line to work properly:

alias cd 'set ul=$cwd; chdir \!*;set prompt=$cwd"~>"'

in c-shell this redefinition of the "cd" command stores in the variable
"ul" the previous directory (before changing), makes the change of directory to the new one, and constructs a new prompt with the new directory. In my opinion, the problem  is in the sequence "\!*" that is not properly interpreted by the zshell, and I do not know other way of taking the argument of the "cd" command to be used as argument of the "chdir" command in the last part of the alias.
	Could you give me a solution? Thanks in advance. If you need aditional 
data or explanations let me know.
	Best regards,
			Andres Gomez.

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