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I've just packed 3.0.5-test2, you can get it from


The files (time is in EDT = GMT-4):

   20825 Sep 21 03:57 zsh-3.0.5-test2.diff.gz
  655728 Sep 21 04:02 zsh-3.0.5-test2.tar.gz

> * PWS's patch from zsh-workers 3285 for chasing symlinks when markdirs.
>   (Was this deemed unnecessary, or fixed a different way?)

That's included, although some fixes were necessary here.

> * PWS's print_eight_bit option (lost the article number).  (Also not
>   necessary?)

That'll only go to 3.1.3, sine more changes are needed than in Peter's

> * My patch in zle_main.c and zle_tricky.c to use `!gotmult' in place of
>   `zmult == 1' in a couple of places.

That went in, but we need some more for zsh-3.1.2, since there it seems
that zmod is already reset by the time the list is printed.

> * Geoff Wing's fix in zle_refresh.c (lost the article number) to replace a
>   strncpy() with a memcpy().  This one seems important; here it is:


> * PWS's patch (lost article number) to eliminate extra spaces at the end of
>   the command line when doing menu completions.  Another important one:

Yes, definitely.  I do not know how could I forgot this.

> * My recent patches to Misc/c2z.

In test2.


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