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Re: is text file?

On Sep 29, 12:25pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: is text file?
} "Bart Schaefer" wrote:
} > % ls **/*~*(${~${(j/|/)fignore}})(.)
} > 
} > (Somebody tell me why the extra ${~...} is needed in that expression.)
} The `|' needs to be tokenised.   Otherwise, it looks for the pattern
} '.o|~|.pro|.dvi' or whatever as a literal file name.

That was the answer I wanted, thanks.

} Or do you mean, why can't I put the ~ in the same ${...}

I would have asked that in a separate message to zsh-workers, but I figured

} % echo *(${(j/|/)~fignore}) 

shortly after I'd sent the previous message.

} (Or did you mean, why doesn't it go between the { and the (, in which
} case the answer is `it just doesn't, but maybe it should say so in
} the manual'.)

In spite of Zoltan's response to this, I don't think it would hurt for the
manual to make an explicit statements about mixing ${( with ${~ ${= etc.,
particularly because of things like ${(j//)#foo} -ne ${#{$(j//)foo}}.

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