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Re: ideas, questions, and bugs (?)

On Oct 8, 10:34am, Andrew Main wrote:
} Subject: Re: ideas, questions, and bugs (?)
} >As much as I try, I can't figure out a good way to have zsh execute some
} >command at startup and stay in interactive mode.
} Funnily enough, `interactive' implies interaction with the user.  If you
} want interaction in a shell script, use vared.

The documentation should probably explain that -s and -i are mutually
exclusive and that -i always wins.  Given just what's written down, one
would think that

	 echo 'echo foo ; exec < /dev/tty' | zsh -si

would "do the right thing".

} >instead of just beeping when the user attempts to scroll the history
} >past the current line, zsh should just predict the user's next command,
} >so you could have a forward 'history' as well.
} I'd already considered doing this; history references like "!+1" ought
} to work.  Of course, to get commands from future sessions you'll need
} a history file saved on a trfs (temporally reversed filesystem -- the
} media uses positrons instead of electrons).

Something I've been wishing for was a variant of infer-next-history that
would work like this:

If the current command line is either empty or matches "!-1", then search
backwards from "!-2" for another occurrence of the same line, and infer
the event that follows it.

However, at the moment in zsh-3.0.[45], I can't get infer-next-history to
do anything other than beep at me no matter what the current line looks
like nor what's in the history.  Is it just me?

} >In zsh 3.0.0, PATH always reflecs path, and vice-versa.  In zsh 3.1.2, PATH
} >reflects path only if PATH is set.
} This is a feature.  Don't unset PATH if you want it to be available.

Um, what feature is this supposed to be providing?  And it shouldn't seg
fault in any case.

On Oct 8, 12:11am, Quinn Dunkan wrote:
} My zsh 3.1.2 segfaults when it can't find PATH.  This seems like a bug.

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